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We have spent weeks moving singles, albums, boxes, and most of the old furniture from the old shop. We have tried to put most of the stuff in order and most of the albums are BUT the singles are all mixed and eventually will be put back in year order but who doesn’t love a bit of digging? Below I will attach a few photos and videos of the shop and in the comments, I will add a map and a video where the new shop is from the old shop. We have kept some new stock for the new shop so come down and see what we got. In a few weeks/months, our Discogs will be updated with new records from different genres. There is a discussion that we will be back open on Tuesday but not 100% confirmed, we will keep you updated in the near future. So I am happy to say tomorrow (Wednesday 31st August) will be the first official opening of The Diskery. We hope to see you all at some point and thank you for your patience while we have been moving while operating.


Lee, Liam, Pete, Danny

301800325_564838435423389_923334806985478860_n (1).jpg

New address...

92 Bristol Street

B5 7AH


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